Team Development

“Leigh provided a coaching service to myself and other senior managers. His straightforward and honest appraisal helped us identify some areas for improvement.”Stefan Ahrens, Managing Director, Ahrens Group

Our focus is getting teams working individually and together to achieve the organisation’s performance and productivity goals.


While senior managers make important strategic and operational decisions, organisational performance often comes down to how each team works towards its goals and how teams work together collectively.

Pennycuick Consulting employs strategies to help teams to be both productive and constructive. Leigh’s approach to working with teams is ‘applied’ and favours an action learning method that empowers the team to develop new skills and work together on a real problem or challenge.

Whenever there is an organisational change or a challenge, there’s an opportunity to help a team develop.

Typical situations where Leigh is able to assist in team development are:

  • When a newly formed team needs to get up to speed quickly.
  • When a team needs help in developing a culture that aligns with the organisation’s desired culture.
  • When dysfunctional behaviour and counter-productive relationships exist.
  • When a team is expected to take more responsibility for organising and managing itself.
  • When a team resists change.
  • When a lack of cooperation and significant tension exists between two teams who need to work together.
  • When tensions and mistrust are building between employees and senior management.