Culture Change

“The City of Playford engaged the services of Leigh Pennycuick to conduct its staff survey 18 years ago and has continued to use him for its survey, along with other strategic work. Leigh is one of Playford’s most valued advisors.”Tim Jackson, CEO, City of Playford

Pennycuick Consulting offers a comprehensive range of cultural and organisational change and development services.


Cultural Change has become a hot topic in organisational culture over the years. The importance of culture as a contributor to organisational performance is increasingly acknowledged.

To accurately undertake organisational culture assessment, make unbiased observations on the current situation, and then propose a strategy for change to effect benefit, it is often best to engage an outside party to help those within the organisation to undertake this project.

Leigh has developed a cost-effective qualitative assessment process combining interviews, focus groups, observations, and process reviews.

Pennycuick Consulting will work alongside your business, to develop a cultural change plan and evaluate the change to ensure your unique goals are achieved.

This includes:

  • Assessing the prevailing culture
  • Defining the desired culture.
  • Understanding barriers and drivers to change and the organisation’s capability to change.
  • Identifying possible unintended outcomes.
  • Agreeing on the leadership behaviours that will drive positive cultural change and providing support and coaching for the leadership team on employing these behaviours.
  • Developing a cultural change program (taking into account all the factors that influence culture such as HR systems, structure, goal setting and reporting).
  • Monitoring and/or evaluating progress.