“Whether Leigh is working with chief executives, senior managers or employees at any level of the organisation, he has them ‘on board’ in a very short time.”Carol Mills, Executive Manager, Human Resources and Corporate Services

Pennycuick Consulting is experienced in coaching employees at all levels, including CEOs, Managing Directors, senior executives, frontline supervisors, and operational employees.


The first step in efforts to improve employee performance often involves coaching.

Coaching is an ongoing part of good management and is part of the day-to-day interaction between a supervisor and an employee, or a Human Resource professional, and is often used to provide both positive and negative feedback about employee contributions, to help them develop and engage.

Effective coaching in the workplace can improve leadership, behaviour, resilience, productivity, communication and build a willingness to adopt change when needed. It can also contribute to better employee engagement and enhance team dynamics.

Coaching can cover a wide range of topics and can be made specific to each organisation and individual.

Organisations use coaching for many reasons:

  • Help CEOs and MDs reflect on and improve their leadership style;
  • Assist leaders to align their behaviour with a changing culture;
  • Help newly promoted supervisors develop and apply leadership skills;
  • Assist leaders who are experiencing specific challenges such as aggressive behaviour, poor time management, or lack of self-awareness.