Organisational Change

“Leigh provided a staff participation and interviewing methodology in a particularly sensitive situation which allowed the organisation I represent to gain a real understanding of employee thinking and which assisted us in making key performance decisions.”Tony Lawson, Chair, Consumer’s Health Forum of Australia Ltd.

Organisational Change is closely linked with culture change in that people are required to do things differently and behave differently.


A company cannot successfully undertake organisational change without paying attention to how people will perceive and respond to those changes.

Sometimes change is elected and motivated by the organisation itself, and in other instances it is thrust upon it by external forces. In each circumstance, organisational change will be received better, and be more successfully adapted to, if it is planned, communicated effectively, and the people in the organisation are committed to the change and involved with its adoption.

Pennycuick Consulting works with organisations to plan and implement the people aspect of change. Leigh works with management to achieve successful outcomes by taking all levels of staff, and their needs into account.

When assisting with change management, Leigh also helps businesses to build resilience into the work environment that improves employees’ willingness and ability to respond constructively to future changes.