Employee Engagement

“Leigh has always been a friendly, easy to work with person who has been able to effectively communicate with all levels within the organisation from operational employees through to Board Members.”Ruth Gillies, Executive General Manager, People and Culture, Service to Youth Council Ltd

Many organisations are interested in, and aim to create, powerful employee engagement.


Employee engagement is more than communicating to employees and occasionally listening to their opinions. It should be about a considered and proactive leadership approach resulting in committed employees who:

  • Identify at an emotional level with their organisation and believe in its goals and values.
  • Willingly exert effort towards achieving those goals and go beyond their job description to complete their role.
  • Wish to continue their association with their organisation.
  • Have a positive ‘psychological contract’ with the organisation.

To build an engaged workforce, Pennycuick Consulting works with organisations to:

  • Understand and make explicit the content and dynamics of the ‘psychological contract’ between employees and management.
  • Assess the extent to which they have engaged (and disengaged) their employees.
  • Identify the factors already contributing to employee engagement and those which need further work.
  • Develop and implement strategies that result in more engaged employees.