Monitoring and Evaluation

“Leigh’s evaluation process and methodology always delivers results. The reports he provided to the executive team were excellent and always enabled effective change.”Carol Mills, Executive Manager, Human Resources and Corporate Services

Pennycuick Consulting has two fundamental beliefs underpinning its monitoring and evaluation services:

  1. We cannot assume that long term changes will go smoothly – we need to stay in touch with progress;
  2. If a change is worth doing, it’s worth ensuring it achieved what was intended.

Ongoing monitoring is how we keep track of what is going on. This is useful in identifying roadblocks early so they can be addressed before they stall progress or get people off-side.

Evaluation is a rigorous assessment to determine whether a strategy has been effective and outcomes achieved. It can be done at specific, pre-determined milestones during a longer process such as organisational change or, as a once-off activity at the conclusion of the initiative.

Our clients use monitoring and evaluation for many reasons:

  • to track shifts in organisational culture;
  • as a pulse check during long-term change strategies;
  • to assess the effectiveness of employee-related initiatives, programs and processes;
  • to formally evaluate the impact of change initiatives.